English students rise to a challenge

For years, our students have competed in Europe’s Number One English Competition, the Big Challenge. From across Europe, hundreds of thousands of students take part in the contest every year. Back in April 2023, our students worked hard and had fun while being tested on their English skills.
Just in time for the summer holidays, where a lot of our students travel abroad and can make use of their language skills, the Big Challenge Awards Ceremony 2023 took place at our school. Thanks to the parents, our Förderverein who generously sponsered one half of the fees, and our English teachers, it was time for a reward.
Every contestant receives a certificate and prizes in form of powerbanks, posters and books.
Here are the winners (first, second and third place) of grades 5-9:
Elina Zsolnai (5a), Liam Pietsch (5b) and Virdjinija Krstevska (5d) Willy Krüger (6c), Hannah Weingart (6b), Gesine Manteufel (6d) Carola Krumbein (7c), Mihaela Denkova (7a), Celine Westphal (7c) Amelie Buhrke (8b), Charlotte Ludewig (8c), Marc Niclas Schmidt (8d) Maxim Krissak (9b).
Congratulations to all who participated in the contest. See you next year, for the 25th anniversary of the Big Challenge!

text: Anita Himpel, photo: Rebecca Schlothauer